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We Have Brought You Little Cakes is the thirteenth and final episode in the second season of The Magicians, and twenty-sixth episode overall. Quentin, Eliot, Julia and Margo enact a risky plan to protect Fillory; Penny questions fate, and Kady makes a deal to help him.
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Interview with ‘The Magicians’ Summer Bishil: Spotlight on Margo’s transformation

Do you know what she did? She put a broach on it. In conclusion, to say that Margo Hanson, High King of Fillory, is simply a style icon is a grave injustice, an insult to her personhood. Margo is resilient, determined, adaptable, and extra AF. Her eyewear merely reflects that. Skip to main content. Latest Stories.

Summer Bishil: Margo Hanson

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Tag: Fangrrls. As she said herself in Season I chose it. And I have had to fight for every shred of authority. Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 4 begin here. Her fear for Eliot and conviction to rescue him drives her straight into the path of her other friend Josh.

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Josh suffers from lycanthropy, an STI within this universe, and the time has come to pass on the curse or literally die. Refusing to lose another friend, Margo consents to sex with Josh, which both allows him to live without murdering or raping someone and has the added benefit of giving Margo even more power. She is now a magician, the High King of a mythical world, in possession of a fairy eye, and can transform into a werewolf.

This is a woman who has fought gods and won.

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Fought elves and turned them into allies. So what could she possibly have up her fashionable sleeve? Earlier in the same episode, Margo tries to cajole the monster inside Eliot to give up his body for something less human.

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The fate of Fillory hangs in the balance — must be Wednesday. The Magicians is a very unpredictable show.

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It marches to the beat of its own whimsical drum, avoiding obvious melodrama in favor of something more irreverent. Well, this is why.

In a way, the finale brings us full circle back to the premiere, which was also focused on saving Fillory, because saving Fillory means saving magic. Well, the first one involves both of them. His invitation surprises her given her past betrayal, but Eliot points out that was so long ago. Anyway, Margo and Eliot decide to put their strain on hold because right now, they need to party like the world depends on it.

After a pep talk from Eliot, Quentin gets his head in the game and goes to ask Umber for his help.

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