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For the spirit, see Painted Lady. "The Painted Lady" is the third episode of Book Three: Fire of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the 43rd of the overall series. Aang discovers the secret identity that Katara has adopted, and they destroy the nearby factory that has been polluting.
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Soul Camp Read More. View All. Why Painted Lady Fitness? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It's rare for me to read anything past the Elizabethan era but this book caught my attention in the bookstore so I thought I would give it a go and I'm really glad that I did. The characters were well written as was the plotline which I thought flowed extremely well Its definitely woken up a desire in me to learn more about this era! Feb 23, Roz Radmore rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is the story of Frances Stuart. Best known for becoming the Mistress of King Charles II it remains unclear whether she really was his mistress. Sixteen year old Frances returns from France with the rest of the nobility to the Restoration Court of London where the newly restored King is enjoying his popularity.

Her innocence and beauty shines forth.

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She is hated by some women and adored by men. The King falls for her charms and is determined to make her one of his mistresses. Frances ho This is the story of Frances Stuart. Frances however is no easy pushover. Set against the terrors of the Great Plague and the following year The Great Fire of London this was a vibrant and decadent period in London's history. Today the main thing remembered about Frances Stuart is she posed as Britannia for a coin struck at the Royal Mint which was used on English coinage until More than years of being immortalised No other King's mistress can claim that!

Jun 12, Donna Boultwood rated it really liked it. What different times. I felt so sad for her. Mar 28, Amy Clayton rated it liked it. Jun 05, Kirstin rated it liked it. Wish the author had spent some more time on what was going on during the Plague and the Fire of London. Com ela, convivemos com as personagens mais importantes do seu tempo mas mais importante, conhecemo-la. Jan 30, Martine Liponoga rated it liked it. So there I was, just having finished The Satanic Verses, my mind reeling from so much prose and concentration. I needed something lighter.

Hurrah, then, for The Painted Lady!

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This is historical fiction easy reading that I flew through in two days. It tells the story of one Frances Stuart, highborn lady of the court of Charles II, who catches the married, with mistress So there I was, just having finished The Satanic Verses, my mind reeling from so much prose and concentration. She spends the entire book resisting his advances, determined to keep her honour intact and longing for a life with the man she truly loves.

The characters let it down a little, for me. The post-script, detailing what happened next and where the author got her sources, are quite convincing, but the trouble with anything set this long ago is that you can usually argue your point in whichever direction you want to go looking at you, Philippa Gregory. Why not.

It was really easy-going and enjoyable, with little to object to, and a good choice if you need a light breather between epics. Que escrita! Que personagens! Mas nunca cede. Porque se apaixonou perdidamente pelo Duque de Richmond, Charles Stuart. Vale a pena! Oct 18, Jo Barton rated it really liked it. Beautifully descriptive of the restoration period this book brings to life the glittering court of Charles II.

The rivalry that existed between the king's mistresses is expertly captured, and yet it's refreshing to read a restoration romance that doesn't involve graphic descriptions of Charles II's sex life. I enjoyed it.

The Painted Lady

Jul 12, Tania rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction. I enjoyed this more than I expected to. It's the story of Frances Stuart, one of Charles 11 many love interests. It was the setting of this novel I enjoyed, set during the restoration , not the love triangle plot, which didn't really interest me, but there was enough of a story here to keep me interested. I would now like to read more about this time.

Sep 22, Debbie Irving rated it it was amazing. A truly wonderful read. Charles the second is his usual self, full of energy for life and women.

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But Catherine, his wife is fully realised and a joy to read about. She is not such a weak woman as is sometimes portrayed. Beautifully written and atmospheric. I recommend this book for a wet weekend curled up on the chaise longe eating chocolate! Mar 15, Laura Head rated it it was amazing. Absolutely love period novels and this one did not disappoint!

The character of Frances was so strong in a period when women were not valued. I particularly enjoyed the piece at the end detailing what had happened to the characters after the novel had ended.

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Feb 20, Caroline Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: british-historical-fiction. Very enjoyable read. I liked how Maeve Haran treated Frances and felt that despite the scant historical facts surrounding La Belle Stuart, the plotline was very sound. The novel dragged in the latter half but I still enjoyed it. Nov 21, Wendy rated it it was amazing. Enjoyable read. They are a favorite subject of study in elementary school classrooms and are a familiar visitor to most landscape gardens. Yet common as they are, painted ladies have some unique attributes.

The painted lady is the most widely distributed butterfly in the world. You can find painted ladies everywhere from meadows to vacant lots. It's sometimes called the cosmopolitan butterfly, because of its global distribution. Although it is resident only in warmer climates, it often migrates into colder regions in spring and fall, making it the butterfly with the widest distribution of any species.

It is called the thistle butterfly because thistle plants are its favorite nectar plant for food; it is called the cosmopolitan butterfly because of its global distribution. Its scientific name— Vanessa cardui —translates as "butterfly of thistle.

Painted ladies have unusual migration patterns. The painted lady is an irruptive migrant , meaning that it migrates independent of any seasonal or geographic patterns. In Mexico and some other regions, it appears that migration is sometimes related to overpopulation. The migrating populations that move from North Africa to Europe may include millions of butterflies, and migrating populations numbering hundreds of thousands of individuals are common.

In spring, painted ladies fly low when migrating, usually only 6 to 12 feet above the ground. This makes them highly visible to butterfly watchers, but also rather susceptible to colliding with cars.